Stephen Peppiatt the fantasist TRING TROLL

Happily for all humanity Stephen ( Steven ) Peppiatt is dead , the Tring Troll is no more 

Message received from his Toady the Squire 

Thank You very much for Your message . I am sorry to have to tell You that

Stephen Peppiatt died on the 30th of January , He was 47 years old , 
 He had health problems for about 6 months . 
But as someone commented he had health problems for  47 years 
Colours as a tribute to his fakery 

Police have warned of the dangers of posting online abuse after Stephen Peppiatt the  internet troll from Tring was issued with a formal warning.

Stephen Peppiatt  was  issued with a harassment order after conducting a lengthy campaign abusing members of a phonograph and gramophone appreciation society.
One victim told the Gazette that posts over a three year period accused members of the society of everything from rigging auctions to sex crimes.
The victim said: “What started as snipes turned increasingly nasty.”
The issue of online abuse through social networking sites has been hitting the headlines in recent weeks after high-profile cases involving threats against women and the death of a 14-year-old girl said to have been bullied online by other teenagers.
Police spokesman Sarah Spence said this week: “This sort of crime would fall under the Malicious Communications Act.
“Any person who sends to another person electronic communication which conveys a message which is indecent or grossly offensive, a threat, or information which is known or believed to be false by the sender, is guilty of an offence, if his purpose in sending it is that it should cause distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person.”
Some of the more offensive posts have now been deleted, and the society has been encouraged to seek civil advice on how to counteract the remaining defamatory comments

More and More lies from Peppiatt !

Peppiatt accused Soundgen of selling stolen property from the Estate of Fred Smith , Soundgen has not , would not and has never has sold any stolen items !

The true story of Fred Smith’s gramophone collection including the Rare Royal bow fronted trial 203 is quite sad as he was once friendly with his next door neighbour . Fred had no relatives and made a will leaving his house and contents to this neighbour .  Fred eventually fell out with the neighbour and intended to change his will and leave the collection to a Kent collector . Tragically he died while washing his car . The neighbour sold the collection the same weekend to a Japanese dealer .

A further irony was that a friend of Fred’s  Wayne Nettleingham had his collection of HMV coloured portables stored at Fred’s  , these went to Japan as well .

I am sure Wayne Nettleingham  who was a member of Peppiatt's forum at the time would  confirm this

An auction house Steven Peppiatt couldn’t visit because he was  banned was his local Tring Auction , he was banned for stealing soundboxes from gramophones in the saleroom !

He always  rubbished this auction as there was nothing he would want to add to his extensive collection of gramophones safely stored in Peppiatt  Towers , Oxford . Or if there was  he would get one of his puppy dogs to go and buy the EMG for him , FAT chance

Peppiatt always went on and on about his ancient lineage , his extremely rich aristocratic grandfather of “ feelthy jazz “ fame . This Grandfather paid for him to go to Berkhampstead Grammar School and promised him he would inherit all ! Hence his logos on Ebay and other sites peppinheristall , Young Lowther , EMG colonel ,and stranded French aristocrat . All conducted at his fake Tring , Twin Towers and now Oxford mega property fakes !

If you had ever met his parents you will have known that his mother and aunt were a bit like Elsie and Doris Waters and his father was a chippy , not a lot of aristocratic blood there ! But perhaps this was all true and not a fantasy ? But Peppiatt  never replied to anyone  with full details of his wonderful lineage .

Peppatts lies were always Big lies , he is the Goebbels of gramophone collecting , the bigger the lie…….

He quoted this regarding his teak fake colonial gramophones and although doesn’t mention a name implicated another  dealer through his other insidious posts, unfortunately his gramophone forum posts of this time are no longer available unless saved by someone

Mr Pepppiatt  bought a large quantity of teak board in order to make HMV 101 and 102 tropical gramophones , so beware if you buy a tropical from unclemonkey on Ebay make sure the transfer is present and correct .

What made Peppiatt’s behaviour even worse was the way he railed against reproduction Indian horn gramophones ( Crapophones ) and EMG remakes from Graham Rankin on his personal gramophone collecting forum

He was a humbug and full of it or should that be sh-t !

Or Pepppiatt as the stranded French Aristocrat LMAO as he tried trashing reviews on AMAZON

The Truth is often difficult to understand particularly if you were a total lying fantasist like Peppiatt
One can die washing ones car as poor Fred Smith did !

Paranoia Rules
The earlier post regarding Peppiatt purchasing Teak has been removed for some reason , but Peppiatt was the Teak purchaser to make Colonial repros !ASK TERRIER !

The “Royal “ gramophone in Japan was purchased legally from Fred Smith’s estate ( see earlier post ) . Interestingly the “Royal “ tag came from Fred , Fred purchased the Gramophone from the son of the managing director of HMV , it was one of two made and the son said it was a prototype fro a gramophone made and presented to King George the Vth , Fred had a letter from the son stating this ,
It was also lucky that the gramophone survived , Fred purchased it from an advert in LOOT for the princely sum of £15 ! He arranged to collect and pay , but was delayed in getting to Hayes to collect it , he arrived to find the son had loaded it onto a trailer and was going to take it to the local tip thinking Fred wasn‘t coming . Saved in the nick of time !,
And now read the fictional fantasy of a deranged mind

More and More lies from Peppiatt !
Soundgen has not , would not and never has sold any stolen items !
The true story of Fred Smith’s gramophone collection including the bow fronted 203 ( which LIAR Peppiatt knew full well ) is quite sad as he was once friendly with his next door neighbour . Fred had no relatives and made a will leaving his house and contents to this neighbour . Fred eventually fell out with the neighbour and intended to change his will and leave the collection to a Kent collector . Tragically he died while washing his car . The neighbour sold the collection the same weekend to a Japanese dealer .
A further irony was that a friend of Fred’s Wayne Nettleingham had his collection of HMV coloured portables stored at Fred’s , these went to Japan as well .
I am sure Wayne Nettleingham who is a member of Peppiatts forum will confirm this although if he does Peppiatt will delete the remarks
The sadest part of Pep*iatt’s rantings are that he gets people such as Nigel Phillips ( The Squire ) to endorse his nonsense

Peppiatt was the fantasist property seller and buyer Peppiatt lived in one room of his parents council house . He  always maintained that this was because of housing problems with his vast property empire . Prior to 2001 he always said he had a large Georgian property in Tring with extensive grounds and barns on adjacent property . He would regale listeners with stories of how he would hide from Kenny Fry when he called in an old cupboard until he went away . It is surprising then that Kenny Fry has no recollection of this property and says he has only known Peppiatt living with his parents ! Peppiatt said during 2001 that he was living with his parents in the house that he owned , as his Georgian house had been seriously flooded and he couldn’t live in it and the Insurance company was reluctant to pay for the damage as it would cost £50K Anyway the Insurance company finally agreed to pay and the extensive refurbishment took place , he was all set to move back in . The next door neighbour decided he wanted to buy the Tring property , but this was declined . At last the neighbour offered £350,000 , a huge sum that Peppiatt couldn’t refuse ! So was he flush with money after the sale and purchasing new properties ? No he was still living with his parents ! Oh then tragedy ! He was advised to send the money to the USA by his financial advisor , which he promptly did . So why no readies after this ? Well it transpired that the money was electronically mailed to the USA to a bank in the Twin Towers . Yes the Twin towers and the day after the transfer the terrorist attack took place ! Oh dear ! All of Peppiatts assets disappeared in the meltdown all the records of the transaction too ! He lost the lot ! He still lives with his parents in the council house , which he claims he owns and that they live with him . Now the fantasy has returned with the purchase of a very large property in Oxford , it has tenants in the bottom , but a large attic flat that he is renovating to live in , this will take years and years . No doubt he has now got a flat in the Shard !

Peppiatt what did he do all day ! Peppiatt lived in one room in his parents council house . he sat in his bedroom playing with what ? and 78s and recording them for Youtube , what a pathetic man he was


  1. Bizarre ! Oh dear

    1. yes Peppiatt was indeed bizarre , but thankfully no longer here

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    1. He wouldn't rest in peace if there was a Hell as that is where he would be ! No obits as there is no one to publish them , he defrauded his brother of his half of the inheritance from their parents ! a truly evil person

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  3. the ONLY reason this "blog" is back online is (a) Steven Peppiatt is deceased. As the red faced cnut who's obviously put this online knows : the dead cannot be liabled. So, the true disgusting human is that red-faced Hitler who sneaks off down that Gentleman's Club in Brighton and whose antics, along with those of the rest of the CLP kleptomanes was exposed by Stephen. Clearly it is he, for nobody reacted so angrily online as he. He's still smarting from being exposed is the only likely inference I in my own opinion draw. Whatever you say about Peppiatt he did show online a real auction catalog showing the auction-ring shenanigans of the CLP divvying up and underdescribing various auction lots. In all the vitriol above there has been an asiduous effort to not mention the word "ring" anywhere! Nowhere does the complainant say "Peppiatt falsely accused us of running an auction ring." And you have to ask why. The attacks on this page are mainly of the "ad hominem" type, attacking the man whilst not daring to attack the facts. The Hemel Hempsted newspaper report was dated 2013. Six years stale. What happened between 2013 and 2019. Of course in those 6 years the CLP nor anyone else who felt their game ruffled took any proper action against Peppiatt. The obvious reason was simple : he showed evidence of his claims openly and the truth is always a complete defence. He achieved in a few years, for British and Worldwide, gramophone enthusiasts everything that the CLP should have done but never did. And that made them very angry. So fcuk them! EMGColonel - we salute you!

    1. Yes there was and probably is an auction "Ring" Peppiatt's only problem was that they wouldn't let him join so he tried to trash them ! He also railed against repros but was going to make repro HMV tropical models and even bought the teak , in his own words " they don't need transfers as teak is so oily they frequently come off anyway " he was a HUMBUG through and through , and evil individual who can only be described as oily

    2. "the ONLY reason this "blog" is back online is (a) Steven Peppiatt is deceased."

      correct but he never issued any writs for slander or libel while he was alive as it is all true and used backdoor methods to remove blogs

  4. I noticed this on his forum

    "you would think the SQUIRE supposedly a good friend of the colonel would of posted for the few of us on this forum,.f it is true about stephen's demise, then i find it a shame it has gone without being acknowledged.for all his faults he was a very knowledgeable man about gramophones and 78s.he obviously felt " hard done by" by certain people and after dealing with some of those people myself over the years,i think there is an element of truth in his ramblings.if it is true.....RIP stephen/colonel ."

    Peppiatt abused and used The Squire and the reason the Squire can't comment on the forum is because Peppiatt took over his account and posted lies on his behalf , The Squire was silenced as he knew too much !

  5. Another forum post "
    Hi all,
    Let me just conferm the sad news that Stephen has passed away.
    He and I used to talk a couple of times a week at one point and he would ring me and ask the value of jazz records, I'm no expert on it but I did try! sometimes he'd ring me to see if I could guess what a record was that he'd play over the phone, I got 1 rite out of probably hundreds! I genuinely miss the man.

    I was contacted by his solicitor recently. I have been left something in his will, though ironicly the man in charge is on holiday at the moment so do not know what!
    Now, I have been seriously thinking about either resurrecting this forum by posting to it or migrating to my old forum after sorting a few things out there...
    What say you all?"

    Peppiatt also took over Godridge's forum when unpalatable posts emerged regarding his malfeasance , i use this word deliberately as he was a defeated noble due to inheratinace problems , What ? his father was a Chippie

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  7. "On a side note, Daventry is quite a considerable distance from North oxford/ Summertown/ beside Blenheim palace where the colonel often alluded to live, how bizarre. Well another mystery of many."

    No mystery , he was a complete fake lying bastard ! the presbytery never existed just lime all his fantasies !

  8. "re: him living in Daventry:
    He had a storage place in milton keans and I believe this house was originally his parents house, and that he originally lived in oxford. It's not really all that far, an hour between the two perhaps, and definitely travelled that route often, that's how it seems to me."

    what a load of bollocks , he and his parents lived in Tring and he sold the Tring property defrauding his brother of his inheritance and moved , what a scumbag !

  9. "Some 18 months ago a correspondent asked me about my library and so i thought i ought to have a record library and it's taken that long to arrange so now the recording room above the stables is almost record free !"

    Above the stables what a fantasist

  10. hah hah ha what a WHITE ELEPHANT !

  11. "Hello all,
    The news of the colonels passing has come as quite a shock. He was a very unique and knowledgeable individual of whom I’m sure we all held a high regard of. May he Rest In Peace, But as said by himself “ For this life is penny plain, when the next one is tuppence coloured”. May he be entertaining those up there in the sky. "

    What sort of total wanker would write shit like this

  12. I promised myself I wouldn't waste more than 2 minutes on your crazy ranting, Mike, but
    As you know I have been to visit Stephen's house in daventry. It is full of ferniture for a much grander house, some of it hardly fits into the place! How do you know he didn't have a larger propperty and have to move into this one?
    He told me before he died that the colonel was a persona for the most part and that the stables and whatnot were a joke. Aparrently in the early days people used to say he sounded very grand and pompus so he played up to it.
    You don't have to issue a rit to have something removed from google, however I will see what his solicitor (who I am of course in touch with) makes of this nonsense
    Nigel is entitled to things from Stephen's in his will, hardly the act of a dying man who dislikes someone. He was silenced! come on, what do you think this is?
    Stephen did not take over my forum in any way, we both agreed to take it down, partly because of you actually and partly because I had all manner of email issues and couldn't stop the spammers. When I set it so that folks had to ask before joining the spam problem cleared up, and Stephen was actually an admin on there so I'd love to know why you think he took it down when he literally had oppertunities to do that and did not!
    That youtube video, where have all the records gone, is his garage. I have never seen so many records and also more stuff that obviously came out of a larger house
    Of course you can prove his brother's defraudment and all of that, since that's really rotten to speak that way of a dead man, haven't you got some motors to loob or common g&ts to put on ebay at hilarious starting prices?

  13. So why didn't Nigel tell the forum of his death ? Because he couldn't log in to the forum ! Nothing came out of a larger house , he lived in Tring with his parents in a two bedroom end of terrace ! By the way you should use a spell checker , How do I know he didn't have a larger property? , I had known him for 30 years , he never lived in a stately home , just Tring a two bed end of terrace

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. he was actually kidnapped by the TMF and CLPGS and tortured l with gramophone needles as was St Cassian killed of_Imola

  15. I thought he'd been quiet of late, and quite miss his videos, although his pretentious Colonel persona could be annoying. It's quite darkly amusing to read one side of the gramophone-trade bickering, although I recall hearing his own extremely vitriolic tirades against his enemies in the biz.. Libellous in the extreme, whether true or not, and definitely actionable given its maliciousness and intent to damage reputations. Still, it's all history now.

    1. He lived in Tring with his parents in a two bedroom end of terrace ! His father was a chippie !

  16. He was a vile man, clearly. But I don't know if there's anything pathetic about archiving 78 recordings on YouTube.

  17. In his case it was pathetic as it was all he had left having failed in all his fantasised stories of Oxford degrees , vast wealth deprived by Machiavellian dealings , strategies and adventures , recording 78s for YouTube alone in his bedroom

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  21. Did you see the auction of his machines? I think they did very well, some of them did for sure but 40% com! Interestingly he specified the auction house in his will.

    btw you and your white elephants, what a laugh! his collection of 78s was incredible and enormous there's a good 80 thousand of them and that's after I took out the rubbish. Albums and albums of stuff that you'd have put on Ebay at rediculous prices, a good 20 Berliners and other 7" discs, I wish all white elephants were this good. I can even send you lists to prove it not that you'd care.

  22. What an angry little man to be attacking the dead, hilarious.

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