Stephen Peppiatt the fantasist TRING TROLL

Happily for all humanity Stephen ( Steven ) Peppiatt is dead , the Tring Troll is no more  Message received from his Toady the Squire  Thank You very much for Your message . I am sorry to have to tell You that Stephen Peppiatt died on the 30th of January , He was 47 years old ,   He had health problems for about 6 months .  But as someone commented he had health problems for  47 years  Colours as a tribute to his fakery  Police have warned of the dangers of posting online abuse after Stephen Peppiatt the  internet troll from Tring was issued with a formal warning. Stephen Peppiatt  was  issued with a harassment order after conducting a lengthy campaign abusing members of a phonograph and gramophone appreciation society. One victim told the Gazette that posts over a three year period accused members of the society of everything from rigging auctions to sex crimes. The victim said: “What started as snipes turned increasingly nasty.” The i